Joseph's Rangers thoughts: The Angels series (8/3)

Joseph's Rangers thoughts: The Angels series (8/3)

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This Rangers-Angels series was by no means an easy one. But in the end, Texas earned a split -- which is more than they would have expected after games one or two. (Photo by Layne Murdoch/Getty Images)



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Posted on August 3, 2012 at 12:03 PM

Updated Friday, Aug 3 at 12:05 PM

  • When the Rangers started the 10th inning Wednesday, they were given a 5.6% Win Expectancy- which seems a bit high, actually, given the magnitude of how low everything sorrounding the team felt. Then, this happened:

    Nelson Cruz hits home run -- 11.9% win expectancy
    Michael Young reaches on error -- 21.9% win expectancy
    David Murphy walks -- 36.5% win expectancy
    Mike Napoli singles, loads bases -- 52.8% win expectancy
    Mitch Moreland singles, Michael Young scores, loads bases -- 75.7% win expectancy
    Ian Kinsler flied out -- 56.2% win expectancy
    Elvis Andrus singles -- David Murphy and Craig Gentry score -- 100% win expectancy

    That gave us this ridiculous and happy WPA chart (which should perfectly visualize the emotion of the evening).

    All information above from and available fully at, which you should go to every day.
  • My first thought, when Elvis ripped that liner down the left field line, was "Spark."  (I actually tweeted that, in real time, if any of you want to do some freelance back-checking). The team obviously needed something- Most writers had ran out of synonyms for 'uninspired' to use for them- and I thought either a good walkoff or a good rain delay tarp-slide was what this team needed.

    I'm glad they didn't have a rain delay.
  • The additions of Dempster, Soto, and Olt also probably would classify as a spark, but they just don't fit the narrative right now.
  • In Olt's debut, he went 1-3 with a single. That's a triple slash line of 333/333/333, which is an OPS of 667. That's not a good OPS, but it is an upgrade over Mike Young's current 643.

    Using OPS for one game is probably the silliest statistical thing I've ever done, so please note that the above should only be used for jest and for the general denigration of Mike Young.
  • Did it seem suspicious to anyone else how often Young reached on error in this series? I get the feeling that Scioscia might have ordered that to happen, to increase the odds that the Rangers keep playing Young everyday -- which is probably the best thing the Rangers can do to increase the Angels' chances of winning the division.
  • Mike Napoli posted a .364 OBP in the month of July. That's actually tremendous, because he posted a batting average of 183. Which seems terrible, but he only had a BABIP of 167. It's fairly exceptional to post a BA higher than one's BABiP -- even in the small sample window of one month's time. 
  • The Rangers currently have 5 Mikes or Michaels in their 25-man roster, which means 20% of the team is named 'Mike' in some way or the other. Being named Joe, I've been in situations like these before. They're awful.
  • Joe Nathan allowed three runs on two home runs in one inning on Wednesday -- and was  credited for the win. Pitcher wins are a terrible, terrible statistic.
  • Prospect Rougned Odor is up for a very, very important award, and you should all go vote for him. I'd hate to see Rock Shoulders beat him in the Minor League Moniker Madness championship of 2012.
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