The Voice of Reason -- on the Rangers

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The Voice of Reason -- on the Rangers



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Posted on October 8, 2012 at 5:30 PM

Updated Monday, Oct 8 at 8:14 PM

Rangers fans: Do you want to see Josh Hamilton in the lineup next year?

Pull up a chair and sit down   -   this might take awhile  -  


I don’t understand fans -   I really don’t  -   and apparently I’ve never been one…   I’m not talking about the idiots in Kansas City who cheered when quarterback Matt Cassell got hurt….   It’s Kansas City for goodness sakes…     not a whole lot to get excited about there  --   have no idea why anyone would go there --  nice song but not much of a city.


I’m talking about the people who are complaining so much about the rangers   ---    3 years ago this team couldn’t spell 'playoffs'…   -- and now I’m told that being a playoff team proves they’re just not good enough anymore   --     they lead the al west for 178 days   …   finish off a lousy 2 weeks losing to Baltimore   --    and how upset am I supposed to be?


The same people   --  many of the very same people   --   who were telling me in june the rangers should make Josh Hamilton a partner   …    now can’t get him out of town fast enough.   now I know he says he played as hard as he could the last couple of weeks   …   but for his sake   -    I HOPE NOT    --    because if that’s the best he’s got   ….    He might have trouble finding anybody dumb enough to pay him.


But having said that   --    I keep hearing from people upset he swung at the 1st pitch in that Baltimore game with runners at 1st and 3rd   …     and you’re surprised by that ?      only 2 things surprise me when hamilton’s at bat.

1..... If he doesn’t swing at the 1st pitch     --  and 2…..   why does anyone EVER throw him a strike   --   he swings at everything   ….    But when he makes souvenirs out of many of those swings   …   we cheer   --   and when he doesn’t   ….    We whine like the losers the rangers became.


I’ve never been that fan   ….     As strange as this will apparently sound to many of you   -    it would bore me to tears if my team always won every game   -   where’s the theatre and the drama in that ??     half the fun to me is the losing   ---     and the last time I checked…   it’s  kind of like dying   --     everybody does.


The closest I’ve ever been to being a pure fan is my love of Nebraska football when Bob Devaney arrived   …    until Tom Osborne left   --    and yet it never bothered me the way it did so many others when they would lose to Oklahoma or Florida State…   although I’m still ticked about the Miami loss in the Orange Bowl   --     Nebraska should have still been the #1 team in the country  -   they could have kicked an extra point to tie on miami’s home field   ….  Mike Rozier was hurt   …    whoops...  sorry I digress.


BUT THE POINT IS SIMPLY THIS   --    a lot of so-called Nebraska fans wanted osborne to leave in ’78 …    they wanted to win…    Osborne stayed  --    how’d that work out?   it’s been the cowboys' problem for almost 20 years now   …   coaches come and go before their adjustable rate mortgage goes up   --    and yet fans keep telling me   …    if only we could get Bill Cowher….    The man who coached in Pittsburgh 14 years before he won a super bowl   --     you really think cowboys “fans” would wait ?    Pittsburgh did  --   how’d that work out ?


I really enjoy and like this rangers team again  --   and there’s been a whole lot of years I couldn’t say that   --     I actually thought I was headed to another world series   --   even if I had to drag Pete Delkus along   -     he’s the station star now   --     but I’ll…  WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR   --  and think you should too.


I don’t understand fans  -   I really don’t    -    and apparently I’ve never been one.






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