White Rock Rowing making waves



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Posted on July 11, 2014 at 10:33 PM

Updated Friday, Jul 11 at 10:36 PM

Robert Bolt and Collin McKinney showed off the national championship trophy they won last month. It’s the first of its kind to come to Dallas.

"We'll be putting our name right there,” said McKinney, pointing to a spot on the trophy that was empty.

No team from White Rock Rowing had ever won a national championship before these two DISD seniors did it. McKinney has just graduated from Hillcrest High school; Bolt graduated from Woodrow Wilson.

They won the Men's Varsity Pair race in Sacramento, and it was an upset that a team from Dallas won a national title in a sport dominated by east and west coast rowers.

"It's fairly rare,” said White Rock Rowing Director Alex Binkowski. “I mean, it's a David and Goliath story."

The comparison couldn't be more accurate, especially when see Collin and Robert next to the guys they beat.

"To actually -- on the podium -- shake these guys' hands and have to look up at them, that's something I'm not really used to,” said McKinney, who himself is more than six feet tall.

“Yeah it was surprising, to see people who were inches taller than you,” said Bolt. “We're like, Wow we beat them."

To succeed in this sport requires hard work. These guys row 6 days a week, spending at least 90 minutes in the water.

"You know in rowing, we're a highly aerobic sport, you have to build a base,” said Binkowski. “And the only way to build a base is by slugging it out and putting in the hours and grinding it out."

That hard work paid off in the best possible way, with a national championship. And that hard work will will continue to pay off when Robert goes to Texas, and Collin goes to Temple.