Texas vs the Nation provides chance for college players to impress scouts



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Posted on February 1, 2013 at 7:58 PM

Updated Friday, Feb 1 at 7:58 PM

ALLEN -- Allen High School's glitzy new $60 million stadium is home to a college senior all-star game this week.

"Oh my gosh, this is unreal," said Tulane quarterback Ryan Griffin. "I can't believe it. I took pictures and sent to my brothers and sisters. We thought our high school was pretty big and pretty cool, but this is unbelievable."

Ryan Griffin is from Westlake Village in California, and will play in Saturday's game featuring players from Texas vs. the Nation. Griffin will face a Texas team coached by former Dallas Cowboys safety Bill Bates.

"The main thing that we, as coaches, are doing is to trying to put these players in the best position to succeed," Bates said. "That's a coach’s job. If we get that done and we get the out on the field and they know what they're doing, then it's up to them and hopefully keep their dreams alive to play in the NFL."

This is the seventh year that they have played this game, but it’s the first time that they've held it in North Texas. It’s another chance for college seniors to show their stuff as NFL scouts get ready for the draft in April.

"I don't know if it's a last change, it’s these kids chance," said Colorado offensive line coach Steve Marshall. "Most of the kids these days play in only one all-star game. Very few play in multiple games."

Last year, 31 of the players who played in the Texas vs. the Nation game were drafted, and if you add the free agent signings, that total reaches 79.

As for Griffin, he's back in North Texas after spending a small part of his early years living in Dallas. He was a huge Cowboys fan and was even a regular visitor in Oxnard to watch the Cowboys practice. Now he's trying to reach the professional level.

"The biggest thing I've noticed is everyone is trying to get to the next level, so everyone is trying a lot harder because everyone has the same goals and aspirations as you," Griffin said. "I have two degrees, finance and management. The funny thing is, I did all that in school - went to a good school, like Tulane - I'll probably end up being a coach or something."

And that doesn't sound too bad either.

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