Rockwall's Micah Day learned soccer the hard way in Haiti



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Posted on April 4, 2013 at 7:01 PM

Updated Thursday, Apr 4 at 7:01 PM

ROCKWALL -- On Rockwall's soccer team, no one handles the ball like Micah Day.

"The thing about Micah is that he can dribble through three guys and you think, 'This guy's not coming out with the ball,'" said his coach, Troy Williams, "and he comes out the other side with the ball."

"We were all real down, thinking we were going to come out and kill them," said center-mid Clay Rittershaus, recalling a game earlier this year when Rockwall was locked in a scoreless tie late in the second half. "And Micah -- he didn't really dribble and beat everybody -- but he went through about five people, and I don't know how he did it. The ball just stuck to his foot like glue, and he just went right through everybody and scored."

Micah's game was developed a long way from North Texas. His grew from playing on gravel fields and streets in Haiti.

"I would play on gravel and all that, and grass and stuff -- really hard, so I would just put more effort into it," said Micah, who plays forward for the Yellow Jackets. "And when I played here, it would be a lot easier."

Micah and his family spent 13 years in Haiti working as missionaries; his grandparents ran a church there. Then, the earthquake hit in January 2010.

A week later, Micah, his siblings, and his mom left Haiti. His dad remained in Haiti for a few months to help with the relief effort.

"Growing up there, playing there, going to school there, all his friends there, and all the sudden, one day, it's over," said Denny Day. "I think we're better people for it; I think Micah is, and I think he'll show it."

The Days ended up in Rockwall because they have family here, and Micah has ended up the leader of a Rockwall team with big aspirations for the playoffs.