Cowboys' Game 2 in Seattle is referendum on Garrett

Cowboys vs. Giants

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Head coach Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys gestures from the sidelines during the team's season opener against the New York Giants. (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)



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Posted on September 16, 2012 at 11:19 AM

Updated Sunday, Sep 16 at 1:37 PM

SEATTLE --  Now its time for Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett's good-day-stacking and boring process talk to bear fruit. 

Anyone, including you and me, could have led the Cowboys into their season opener against the Giants.  If the national television audience to open the NFL season wasn't enough, the utter embarrassment Eli Manning and company rained down on the Cowboys collective head in January easily took care of all the motivation needed.

Now let's see if boring works.

When he talked to his team Monday its was quick and to the point, "It was a short meeting I probably was in there for 45 seconds," said Garrett, "I laid out the day and said its time to move on and the only thing that matters is what we do now."

In this big election year, this is a referendum on Garrett.  Has his way of sending messages really taken hold of the locker room? Certainly seems like it.

"Good, bad, ugly put it to bed and let's focus forward," says receiver Kevin Ogletree.

Defensive lineman Marcus Spears agrees, "If you're thinking about the past in this game you get behind real fast…so we gotta move forward and face the Seahawks."

"You gotta have a short memory in this league," says defensive back Brandon Carr, "Sunday's come fast can't dwell on the past whether its a win or a loss."

All on the mark with the message and method Garrett wants, and it really hasn't changed since day one.  You've heard him say it seemingly a million times,  "We focus on what's directly in front of us and stack up good days."

From a rational perspective, it certainly makes sense.  But does it lack the fire and intensity we expect from football coaches?

Players tell me far away from the TV cameras or reporters' microphones Garrett offers all the fire and motivation needed to get ready to play.

That will be put to the test today.  This is a "take care of business" game.  The Cowboys are a field goal favorite, but should win by more.

In NFL terms, Seattle seems even further that the 2800 miles it is from New York city.  Its one of the least publicized and recognized out of the 32 league clubs.  Sleep-walking through this Seattle contest is certainly on the table for Cowboys players who got too emotionally wrapped up in last week's big win.

And that's where Garrett has to earn his money this week.  The head coach has to get both side of the ball ready to avoid the trap game.  Will boring be enough?  Or will he give his players more than 45 seconds?

Its a referendum on Garrett.  I wouldn't bet against him.

Now, let's go out there today see how boring the Cowboys can be, and more importantly, if boring really works.