Winter is Coming: Rangers prep for the biggest off-season event



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Posted on November 30, 2012 at 12:56 AM

 ARLINGTON -- The Texas Rangers and general manager Jon Daniels are busy prepping for the Major League Baseball winter meetings. The four days in Nashville will be anything but a vacation.

"It's three or four hours of sleep and you're on constantly for four days," Daniels said. "By the fourth day, you don't want to make any decisions at the winter meetings because you're so bleary-eyed."

The Rangers didn't make any moves last year at the winter meetings, and that's not uncommon. Longtime Rangers PR man John Blake said in his 30 years going to the winter meetings, only three times have the Rangers made a big splash.

If the Rangers re-sign Josh Hamilton, that will count as a major move. But that probably won't happen next week, if at all. The Rangers continue to take their wait-and-see approach.

"We mutually agreed to put negotiations on hold last spring, back in April," Daniels said. "And at that time we said, 'Josh, why don't you go out, test the market, get a feel for what's out there, and we'll come back and talk again.'"

It might surprise you to hear that this is John Daniels' eighth time to go to the winter meetings as the Rangers general manager. It's a good time for he and his staff to get a lot of work done, even if they don't get many deals done.

"It's fun. You're basically in the room with our guys -- a lot of good baseball people, a lot of good baseball discussions," Daniels said. "We've made deals - Beltre, Darvish - that were January deals."

So while the Rangers may not make any deals next week in Nashville, they will be laying the groundwork for another productive off-season.


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