Hansen Unplugged: 'The Cowboys are the Bengals now'




Posted on November 5, 2012 at 11:33 PM

Updated Thursday, Feb 13 at 6:17 PM

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones tells NBC's Bob Costas Sunday night the general manager would have been fired years ago for the job he's done... if he wasn't the general manager.

Say what?

The cowboys have a general manager. The owner thinks has done such a bad job he should have been fired, but he hasn't because it's him.

And yet he thinks he's running this team the right way.

Well, the Bengals agree with him, anyway, and the Cowboys are the Bengals now.

But as long as you keep buying the tickets and show up on Sunday, it'll never change. You're the only one who can make it change, but Jones and I both doubt that you ever will.

But when you talk about changing coaches — I really do believe this — anyone dumb enough to coach a Jerry Jones team is too dumb to coach.

Jason Garrett thought it would be different for him. So did Bill Parcells and every other coach Jones has fired.

It's never different, because despite what he says, it's not about winning to Jones; it's about who gets the credit.

He has apparently fooled himself into thinking (and some people close to him) that he built those Super Bowl teams in the early 90s, and he didn't... he just didn't.

Jimmy Johnson did — a coach he fired after back-to-back Super Bowl wins — because he wasn't getting the credit he wanted.

We've been watching it for almost 16 years now. Sixteen years. Six coaches. A losing record. One playoff win.

And one general manager.

There is a village looking for their idiot tonight... and I know where he is.

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