Rangers' Andrus glad long-term extension will keep him in Arlington



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Posted on April 4, 2013 at 10:39 PM

Updated Thursday, Apr 4 at 10:39 PM

ARLINGTON -- Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus walked into the ballpark in Arlington Thursday knowing that his future with the team is set.

He said signing his eight-year, $120 million contract extension allowed him to accomplish one of the goals he had set for himself and his family.

"As soon as we realized we signed the deal, we were jumping," Andrus said. "My mom was super happy, super blessed, and I can't wait to stay here longer and try to bring more happiness to the city."

Although the extension is for eight years, Andrus can opt out after four years and become a free agent. His agent, Scott Boras, said the two sides worked to find middle ground that allows flexibility for both his client and the Rangers.

"Normally, these contracts have no trade clauses, and this one is flexible for the Rangers in that, and normally contracts don't have opted outs, so it's flexible for us," Boras said. "So there is really a quid pro quo in this that allowed both sides to have the flexibility the needed to reach an agreement.

"Elvis is the reason why this happened," said Rangers General Manager Jon Daniels. "Elvis, in so many words, told us he wants to be here, and more importantly, he told Scott he wanted to be here, and when you've got that - where both sides truly want to be here, you're not just saying it - you've got a pretty good starting block."

Andrus heard all the rumors that he would test the free agent market in two years, but that's not what he wanted. If he had not reached a deal, the Rangers would have shopping him before his contract ended after the 2014 season.

"I never said that I didn't want to stay here," Andrus said. "Everybody knows that I love this city. Everybody knows this is the city that gave me the opportunity, and we just tried to work something out."

According fangraphs.com, in the last 100 years, only six shortstops have been more valuable to the team between the age of 20 and 23. If Alex Rodriguez is eventually elected, five of those six would be in the hall of fame.

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