Unplugged: Dale on high school track team's disqualification



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Posted on May 3, 2013 at 11:32 PM

Updated Thursday, Feb 13 at 6:15 PM

It was quite a story Thursday about the boys' relay track team at Columbus High School, down near Houston.

They should be running at the state track meet in Austin next week, but when Derek Hayes crossed the finish line at their regional meet - winning the race by seven yards - he raised his hand and pointed a finger to the sky.

His dad said it was a gesture to God, giving thanks.

And the team gets disqualified.

There's a state rule against excessive celebration, but who really thinks that is?

Ninety-three percent of you who responded to our viewer poll Thursday don't... The other seven percent of you are just wrong.

Now, I'm not a fan of any player who celebrates anything other than a very big win.

The seven-footer who gets excited because he can dunk a basketball should be embarrassed if he can't. The football player who celebrates making a tackle, and seems to forget he's paid to do that.

And if it's the only touchdown you're ever gonna score, maybe you can go nuts for a little while.

But I'm a bigger fan of players like the great Cowboys running back Tony Dorsett. He'd score, and simply hand the ball to the ref, acting like it's not a big deal. Because he'd been there before, and he's coming back.

But I don't like it - don't like it at all - when any athlete in pro, college, or high school, point to the sky while celebrating whatever game or play they make.

It does seem to me they're giving thanks for the winning, which would then have to mean God really didn't like the guys on that other team. And why didn't he help them?

Even I'm not arrogant enough to think that I'm the chosen one... And many of you think I'm the most arrogant guy you know.

I've never believed that a God would care about who wins or loses a game, and I seriously doubt that He would be wasting his time on that. But if he is, it would explain some of the other problems we have in this crazy world we live in now.

But kicking a bunch of high school kids out of a state track meet because a kid points to the sky? That's just stupid.

His dad says it violates their religious freedom.

No, it really doesn't. Everybody's concerned about their religious freedom, as long as it's their religion.

This is just another example of state educators who are supposed to be teaching our kids how to solve problems in the future, and not knowing how to solve an excessive celebration problem.

And it is also the politically correct police out of control again; the people who think they know how we should all behave, what we should all believe, and how we should all act -- even when we win a race to state.

And no one can run fast enough to outrun those people.

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