Dale Hansen: Those dumb rules in pro sports

Dale Hansen

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Dale Hansen: Those dumb rules in pro sports




Posted on September 10, 2012 at 9:31 PM

Updated Tuesday, Sep 11 at 7:11 PM

i'm talking with rangers general manager jon daniels last night on sports special - i am back by the way - and it reminds me again how many stupid rules there are in professional sports

how is it that bright men -- some of the highest educated men in america who make millions in business - get involved in sports and go brain dead -- it happens all the time

major league baseball decides home field advantage in the world series ... WITH A $#%%&**&#@!!! EXHIBITION GAME !!! WHAT ARE THEY THINKING ??

and that game is decided by a player juiced on steroids .... it makes no sense

but then baseball is the sport that needs instant replay to decide if a home run is fair or foul ... a fly ball you can watch for a loooooong time ... we need instant replay ... but a bang-bang play at 1st or home ... no problem ... the umps can handle that

it's almost as dumb as the nfl's instant replay - they use it for almost everything - EXCEPT - EXCEPT ... PASS INTERFERENCE

a play that requires a bank officer or insurance agent to back pedal as fast as he can - trying to stay ahead of 2 guys who run a 4.3 40 .... and as the ball arrives - hoping he doesn't fall down .... he decides if there was pass interference or not - maybe the single biggest game changing play in any game ... AND NO INSTANT REPLAY FOR THAT !!! --- it makes no sense

the pga tour requires players to keep their own scores ... WHY ??? roberto de vicenzo lost the '68 masters ---- not just because he couldn't keep score ... but because tommy aaron couldn't either

everybody watching knew that de vicenzo had birdied the 17th hole ... but tommy aaron wrote down a 4 instead of a 3 ... and in his excitement - and i totally understand - de vicenzo didn't notice -- signs for the higher score and loses to bob goalby by 1 --- all because he had to keep track of his own score and hope that tommy aaron could too ... are you %$$#$%$#@#@ me ?????

they allow viewers watching from their couch at home to call in a rules violation .... and yet they make players keep score ... maybe the nba should stop the game and ask kobe bryant how many points do you have - and if he's wrong ... penalize him

actually bryant probably would know

it's all as dumb as a state that doesn't allow us to play texas hold 'em IN TEXAS ... the same state that spends government money encouraging us to buy lottery tickets

have you ever seen anyone win the lottery who had any business buying a lottery ticket ??

i didn't think so ....

to everybody who makes up the rules ... as my friend bill engvall says


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