Dallas Summer Musical High School Musical Theatre Awards Show


by wfaa


Posted on September 10, 2012 at 11:55 AM

Q: Thank you for showing the Dallas Summer Musical Awards show!  It was wonderful to see!  I would love to see it rebroadcast.  


Q: Thank you so much for taking the time in your programming schedule to show the DSM High School Musical Awards. This is such an important program to schools and to the performing arts in public schools.  And showing your support by airing this ceremony helps to show people in the DFW area is immensely appreciated.


Q: Thank you for airing the Dallas Summer Musicals High School Awards show!  It means a lot to all of us in the fine arts!  You bet we will support the sponsors of the program.  Thank you so much!


Q: I saw the DSM High School Musical Theatre Awards this past Saturday on WFAA, you all did a tremendous job making the event look amazing and gave it exposure to a bunch of talented kids.  I wanted to take a moment to let you know I appreciate your support of DSM and the High School Theatre Awards. Thanks so much!


Q: Your programming of the DSM High School Musical Theatre Awards was a community effort by WFAA to show young people at their best.  I appreciate it because I was lucky enough to be one of the many judges who saw many of the productions and know how much work the schools and young people worked to make their productions something everyone could be proud to see. WFAA's efforts to make the ceremony a mirror of the Broadway Tony Awards' made their efforts one that the community could be extremely proud of. Thank you.

Q: Our most sincere thanks for your coverage of the Dallas Summer Musical High School Musical Theatre Awards. We can always count on WFAA to feature items that applaud the good in people.  This is a tribute to the youngsters that are so involved in positive matters that they don't have time to seek other avenues also available to them.  By highlighting this program, you illustrate just how many “good kids” are out there.  Cheers and Kudos to you.


Q: Just wanted to thank you for the High School Musical Awards program you aired on Saturday. Recognizing these talented kids is encouraging and inspiring! 


A: On May 5, we taped the Dallas Summer Musicals inaugural High School Musical Theater Awards at the Fair Park Music Hall.  The 3-plus hour live event was edited into a 1-hour broadcast that aired on July 28 on WFAA.  Thanks to the many people who participated, those who watched and the viewers who wrote us.  We are grateful for all of them.