WFAA-Television Internship Program



WFAA-TV Internship Program

Posted on December 7, 2009 at 6:01 PM

Updated Monday, Apr 7 at 10:26 AM

WFAA Television Internship Program

Prospective Intern Candidates

WFAA believes that providing quality learning experiences for college students is a component in developing the workforce of the future. WFAA's longstanding commitment to continuing education extends throughout our internship program, which is designed to provide practical experience and training, observation and mentoring to those entering the field of broadcasting. It is our goal always to provide students with the best possible experience to meet the requirements for their course work.

These opportunities allow us to assess the capabilities of these potential employees, as well as, support local colleges and universities and provide positive community exposure for WFAA.

WFAA offers students a paid internship opportunity. Internships are offered to college juniors and seniors earning academic credit on a semester basis.   A letter of verification from the student’s college adviser is required upon acceptance into the program.

Interested students should initiate application to the program by sending a resume and cover letter to the attention of WFAA Human Resources,  or the department intern coordinator. Please state on the subject line which department you would like to be considered for. 

Internships are available in the following departments:

Creative Services Department 
An internship in Creative Services will offer one student the opportunity to observe the creative process with some hands on experience writing and producing promotional and advertising messages, brand graphic packaging elements, exposure to creative design, promotion/marketing strategies and techniques.                                               
 News Department 
Interns will be asked to accompany crews on stories.  Interns will receive some instruction in editing basics and broadcast writing.  This is an opportunity to learn by using company equipment when available and observe and train with experienced broadcast professionals.

In addition to general assignments reporting, internships are available specifically for: News 8 Daybreak, News 8 Investigates, Sports, and Weather.

All requests for News internships should be made to by email.  Please attach a cover letter and resume.  No telephone calls accepted.


Observe the live production of news stories and production of recorded or live programs. Hands on learning in editing, remote set up and shooting, technical aspects of control room to a studio, studio camera, back-timing and flooring a newscast. Students will learn various techniques and practices through observation of Good Morning Texas, Creative Services, Production, and Town Meeting remote.       
Student will observe and practice the live production of news stories and production of recorded or live programs for the web. Hands on experience will include story editing, photo editing, mobile journalism, social media and some technical aspects of news website operations. Also, hands on experience with web content management systems, blog tools, video cameras, photo editing software, video editing software and HTML editing are possible.

 We look forward to working with your students and your university in the future.