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Dancing with the Stars Super Blogger: November 20, 2012

Dancing with the Stars Super Blogger: November 20, 2012



Posted on November 27, 2012 at 10:37 AM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 27 at 10:37 AM

NOTE: Robin Garrett, was chosen as the special  WFAA.com "Dancing with the Stars - All Stars" Super Blogger (via a special WFAA/ABC contest) to document the Fall 2012 DWTS season.

I had to mail myself a sympathy card over the loss of Giles last week. I can’t believe he was eliminated and is gone! Kirstie’s elimination was rather expected considering that she has been surviving on fan popularity rather than dance skill these past few weeks. Since this Week 9 was the semi-finals show it’s just like the monkey said when he was doing some yard work and got his tail caught in the weed whacker, “It won’t be long now!” Only next week remains in this Dancing With the Stars All Star Season. My how time flies when you are having fun!

The remaining five couples each danced two dances this week. In honor of the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s classic album titled “Bad” one dance for each couple was a classic Latin style dance to a tune from the album. Each couple also danced to a creative “off the wall” dance selected for them by another competing couple. Whoever created the dance selections obviously just put dance names in one hat and odd subjects in another and must have just drawn one from each hat and put the two together because they had absolutely no correlation to each other. This presented quite a challenge for the pro dancers to create and choreograph moves.

Melissa and Tony had a scare in practice with Tony injuring his back but he was able to compete. Their creative dance was a Caveman Hustle. (I actually can’t picture a caveman moving very quickly in the first place. I assumed they moved rather slowly…just kidding!) Anyway- it was a dinosaur and caveman theme with classic moves from the popular seventies disco era Hustle in which their costumes had a Flintstone style about them. Instead of “Yabba Dabba Doo” it was more of a “Yabba Dabba Don’t” for me since it was not up to their usual standard. The judges awarded them 27.5 points so they obviously liked it more than I did. I liked their second dance much better, which was an Argentine Tango to MJ’s Dirty Diana. The lifts were both dangerous and spectacular making their serious quest for mirror ball trophy evident.

Shawn and Derek’s creative dance was a Night Ranger Bangra. Bangra? What the heck is that? Even Derek wasn’t sure and had to bring in some choreography help to create moves to the Eastern Indian folk dance. In addition they had to incorporate some Night Ranger into their theme. In usual Derek fashion he and Shawn managed to give us quite a performance scoring a perfect 30. I think these guys are a perfect combination and expect to see them in the finals with no question. Their 29 point tribute dance to Jackson’s “Bad” album theme song was anything but bad! Carrie Ann withheld a point saying the dance lacked passion. I’m not sure what dance she was watching because I thought it was perfect!

Apolo and Karina’s creative dance theme was a Big Top Jazz routine, which according to Bruno, was a combination of Cirque du Soleil and a Clockwork Orange. Their costumes portrayed circus mimes which did not combine easily with jazz dance steps…but that was obviously the challenge of the creative themes this week. Apolo has the heart of a champion and I would like to see him in the finals but they have their work cut out for them scoring only 27 points. Their Michael Jackson tribute dance was a rhumba to Man in the Mirror and it couldn’t have been any better receiving the full 30 points from the judges. I really, really like Apolo and he’s used to “skating on thin ice” so I hope to see him squeak into the finals next week.

Emmitt and Cheryl gave us an Espionage Lindy Hop for their creative dance with a “Bad Girl/Good Guy” themed dress. It turned out to be sort of a Looney Tunes James Bond quest to foil the plot of the Mirror Ball Trophy thief. Each judge awarded them a 9 for a total of 27 points on this dance. Coincidentally their MJ tribute second dance was a tango that received 27 points as well. I don’t know but unless Emmitt’s football fans rallied with their votes he may be questionable for elimination. I originally picked Emmitt as the season’s winner but I thought Giles had a good shot too and he’s gone so who knows??

Kelly and Val have really come a long way this season but I don’t think their fan base is large enough to pull them through into the finals. I don’t agree with the score of 25.5 from the judges on their creative Surfer Flamenco because I thought it was much better than that. Even though Val was lookin’ pretty spiffy in his speedo swimsuit I really think that the costumes are getting a bit out of hand so maybe they need to beef up the wardrobe budget a bit to allow for some additional fabric or add a minimum yardage per costume requirement! Check out the Water Cooler moments at http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars/ where you can put in your two cents regarding the speedo skimpy factor. The 28.5 points they received on their rhumba Michael Jackson tribute dance was good but may not be enough to put them into next week’s finals so voters…it’s all up to you!

If I were a “betting woman” I would put my money on Shawn and Derek as the mirror ball champs. Their dances can’t be topped, their fans are loyal, and they are just all around good peeps! Meet me back here next Tuesday for results and our final blog of the season. Until then why not join the after party on the above DWTS website link. If we can’t actually go to see the show it’s the next best thing for die-hard fans like us!

"I am writing this blog as the winner of WFAA's Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Super Blogger Contest. The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not reflect the opinions of WFAA, ABC, Dancing with the Stars or any their related persons."