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Ted Madden joined the WFAA sports team in 2002 and has contributed to the department's award-winning coverage. He has covered the NBA Finals, the Super Bowl, and the World Series, including in 2005 when his Chicago White Sox won the championship. But his favorite stories involve regular people who have been put into difficult circumstances and come out stronger.

Ted is a fan of the White Sox and the Chicago Bears, but does not consider himself a die-hard fan anymore. He enjoys watching games, but more for the competition than the outcome. He still marvels at what the best athletes in the world can do; whether it's Josh Hamilton hitting a baseball 500 feet, Tony Romo scrambling before throwing a football into a tiny spot where only his receiver can make the catch, or Dirk Nowitzki making a one-footed fall-away jump shot look as effortless as a free throw.

What he doesn't like are NFL rules that so badly restrict defensive players from doing their job, and the fact that quarterbacks get judged more by their won-loss records than by their ability. He can't understand why we don't use existing technology to take the guesswork out of umpires calling balls and strikes. He thinks flopping in soccer is un-American. And the BCS... don't get him started on the BCS.

Ted grew up in Aurora, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago. After graduating from Franklin College (IN), he got his first television job with KCFW in Kalispell, Montana. After spending a couple of cold winters there, he moved to Shreveport, Louisiana, and worked at both KSLA and KTBS.

Ted is married to his beautiful wife Catie; they and their son live in Dallas.

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