Alexa Conomos

Alexa Conomos

Alexa Conomos delivers traffic and transportation reports for News 8 Daybreak and anchors the News 8 Midday newscast Monday through Friday for WFAA-TV.

She joined WFAA in October 2002 from Belo sister station Texas Cable News, where she anchored the morning newscasts and hosted "Project Texas." She began her career in her home state of California as an anchor-reporter at NBC affiliate KMIR-TV in Palm Springs.

Alexa received her Bachelor of Arts degree in communications and graduated with honors from Santa Clara University and the Institute of European Studies in Vienna, Austria. Even though she grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, she considers Dallas home.

Alexa enjoys philanthropic activities and has volunteered for the Red Cross, the Nexus Center, Meals on Wheels and Adopt-A-Pet. She continues to lend her time to causes that affect children and promote art and cultural development in North Texas.

Alexa spends her free time with her husband Bradley and their dog Charlie. She loves to experience other cultures, read, travel, ski, swim, cook and trace her Greek-Lebanese ancestry.

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