Gloria Campos

Gloria Campos

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When I'm out and about I'm often asked about my "Wednesday's Child" reports that appear on two broadcasts a week on Channel 8 and on our digital channel 8.2. I've been producing the reports since 1989, and I've been told the adoption rate is almost 70%.

Officials at the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services tell me, the Dallas region which consists of 19 counties in North Texas arranges adoption for 25% of all the children in state-licensed foster care. They give our "Wednesday's Child" reports a lion-share of the credit. You can find out more about adopting or becoming a foster parent by calling 1-800-233-3405. This line is answered during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.

In addition, there is also a non-profit organization called Wednesday's Child Benefit Corporation that raises money for foster children in our area. There's an annual golf tournament. There are plenty of opportunities to attend events or volunteer. For more information call 972-231-1433 or check the website at

My husband, Lance Brown, and I have been married for more than 20 years. Lance is a freelance writer and broadcasts sporting events for Irving Community Television.

When I'm not here at the station, I enjoy reading, gardening, movies and what a friend calls, "junk-tiquing." I collect all sorts of stuff. You might have noticed my extensive butterfly pin collection, which I wear on-air occasionally. I also volunteer for various non-profit groups too numerous to list here. My interests revolve around education and women and family issues.

Most folks don't know I am a proud honorary lifetime member of the Texas PTA. It's an honor I received for volunteering to speak at career days, Hispanic Heritage events, mentoring and reading. Visiting schools is one of my favorite activities. All speaker requests at Channel 8 are handled by the WFAA-TV Speakers Bureau at 214-977-6021. We ask for 2-3 months advance notice of an event due to heavy demand.

Some other awards and recognitions I'm proud of: three time recipient TV/Broadcast News Award of Excellence (1994, 2006, 2008), American Women in Radio and Television Dallas-Ft Worth Chapter--- "2010 Texas Tech University College of Mass Communications - Double T Award” for excellence in Public Service for my weekly "Wednesday's Child reports", The DALLAS 25 one of the North Texas region's most influential residents, 2007 Ft Worth Star-Telegram Reader's choice Best TV Newswoman, 2007 "Women of Spirit" award from the American Congress of Jewish Women Dallas Chapter, 2002 Mother of the Year (one of three recipients) Dallas Can! Academy, 2001 Buck Marryat Award for career achievement from the Press Club of Dallas, the 2001 Woman of the Year award from LES FEMMES DU MONDE, Lifetime Achievement award from WOMEN IN FILM: Dallas, 1995 MAURA AWARD Women Helping Women Award from the Women's Center of Dallas and 1991 Girl's Inc. "She Knows Where She's Going" Award.

I feel blessed to have enjoyed such a long and gratifying career. I hope this information gives you a better picture of the woman behind the news desk. Thank you for making Channel 8 your choice for news.

When did you decide you wanted to be a journalist?
Assasination of President John F Kennedy had a profound impact on me and it was in the third grade that I first thought about becoming a TELEVISION NEWS REPORTER.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Dallas-Fort Worth?
TOUGH QUESTION! There's lots to do shopping, eating out, go to Cedar Creek Lake. But I guess my favorite thing to do is visit one of our spectacular museums. I am member of the Dallas Museum of Art and the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth. An ideal day would be see an exhibit and have a nice lunch at either of those wonderful places! I also love to listen to live music of ALL kinds!

If you could interview anyone alive you haven’t interviewed, who would you and why?
I'm fascinated by the relationship of Hillary and Bill Clinton. They are both smart people who have accomplished great things, yet taken their share of VERY PUBLIC bumps for their actions.

Tell us about a story that you are particularly proud to have brought to the public's attention.
I can't take credit for anything in particular since first and foremost ours is a team, but I am especially proud of our investigative unit: reporters Byron Harris and Brett Shipp, producer Mark Smith and photographer/editor Kraig Kirchem. They bring you stories you won't get anywhere else and their importance/their impact on our community are evidenced by all the major awards they have won. I am also proud that I work for a tv station that allows these gentlemen the time to produce and present these important stories.r

How do you convince reluctant sources to appear on-camera?
Be a nice respectful human being and try to put myself in their shoes.

How do you define success?
Success doesn't have much to do with money although it is the yardstick most often used. If you are enjoying good health, happiness, love what you do for a living and can look yourself in the mirror in the morning...that's success to me.

Tell us one reason why you love what you do.
Every day is different! Today's news is tomorrow's history. I work with great, smart, inquisitive people. Does that tell you enough?

What quality do you have to have to make it in this business?  
Number one quality is to be a people person...someone who cares about people and someone who can get along with all sorts of people. A good reporter must be: inquisitive, a reader, a good listener and especially in the tv business a person who can develop a thick skin to take critism from the boss AND hundreds if not thousands of viewers.

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