Shelly's answers to your questions (09.14.11)

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Shelly's answers to your questions (09.14.11)



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Posted on September 14, 2011 at 1:37 PM

Q: Please give me the  link, or repeat the information about the drop off of the Dr. Oz suggested destroy products in our homes, you said it so fast we did not get to write it down. What was the ingredient the product is suppose to contain?
A: Dr. Oz wants you to toss our Triclosan. It can be in anything from soap to body wash, even toothpaste.

Q: We are in Martins Mill just outside Canton. Despite the fact we are not in the Dallas area we watch your news cast and weather every night. We love the whole bunch of you. What I would like to ask is: Could you ask Pete to include Canton on the big weather map of temperatures please. We always feel left out. Hey, we get weather too.
A: I will tell him. You are right on the edge of the viewing area, so he may not realize he has fans in Martins Mills. I will pass on the message.

Q: I notice Jane Slater does not have a pic or bio on the news staff in the traffic division...does this mean she is temporary...or just something someone hasn't realized yet?
A: She is not temporary. I know she recently got her picture taken, so that means she should pop up on the website soon.

Q: I was just watching news at 10 with Gloria Compos, and she was doing the story about the two little boys who were drowned by their father. She was announcing where the funeral was going to be. She just said it was at the Inspiring Body of ------ Church. Did she purposely leave out the name Christ ? or did the station bleep it out? Thanks for your attention to this concern.
A: The station would never bleep that out. She may have glanced over the word in the teleprompter, or more likely, a producer was talking to her in her ear as she was reading, and she missed the word.

Q: Hi Shelly! I got to Chisum here in Paris and I have to be held back in the 8th grade and I’m super scared!! What should i do??
A: Don't be scared, live it up. It's the last year before your grades count for college!

Q: Shelly,
I understand that you have quite the dance background. Any truth to this rumor? I also heard that Michael Jackson is your favorite performer and that you can move in like manner.:)  Is this truth or fiction?
A: It's a fact. I love MJ. I love to mimic his moves. I can listen to his songs on repeat all day long and not get tired of it. And yes, I like to boogie!

Q: This morning around 6:45 I just caught a moment of the show but the 2 ladies were talking about a 'crow’s feet' product for the lines at the corner of eyes.  Can you tell me more about that.  I didn't get to listen to the show further to learn more.  Thank you.
A: For any morning show questions you can email our executive producer John Sasser at

Q: Why does WFAA present two nearly identical evening news broadcasts each weekday?  Instead of two distinct broadcasts separated by the ABC World News, why not have one hour long broadcast with more reports and more in-depth reports?
A: We never air identical newscasts. We are very careful to have new content at 6pm that is different from 5pm. However, there are stories, that are just news of the day and too important not to include in both newscasts. But even those stories are re-written to include different information.

Q: My question is who is taller Dale or Pete? I love watching those two bantering back and forth. I use to watch Pete in Cincy. We are from there. Thanks
in advance.  Have a great labor day weekend.
A: Pete is taller!

Q: Are you going to do a special on ovarian cancer in conjunction with Dr. Oz's show?
Would you ever do a special on bad hospitals? I didn't know the symptoms for ovarian cancer and would do anything possible to make doctors and patients aware.
A: We did a segment today actually, and yes we are working with Dr. Oz and his fight to end the silent killer.

Q: I know WFAA runs All My Children a day behind the national broadcast in order to run its noon newscast.  How will this affect the broadcast of the final episode of the show? When will the final episode be shown in the Dallas area?
A: It will air on Sept. 26th, that is a Monday.

Q: How do you find the traffic spotter app to download from I can't find it on the WFAA web page.
A: It's available at also on
You have to join the Ch.8 group. When we are up and running we will mention our spotters on the air and thank them for contributing their traffic information to us on the road.

Q: I was in a car accident December of 2010, the settlement offer my attorney accepted is basically a negative offer. My question is -  Should my attorney be able to get an offer that I will not receive any part of the settlement and retain a fee?
A: I am not a lawyer, I don't know that I can answer this.