Shelly's answers to your questions (06.22.11)

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Shelly's answers to your questions (06.22.11)



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Posted on June 22, 2011 at 1:02 PM

Q: How far in advance do you know your work schedule, and how many hours a day do you put in for WFAA? Just curious as I know you have to balance family and work just like everyone else does.
A: I work an 8-9 hour day each day. I come in to pitch my reporting ideas in the morning meeting, then I go get that story and turn it THAT DAY! I have to be back in time for 5pm promotions. Then I read the show ahead of time. My schedule very much depends on Gloria's. If she has vacation, I start my day at 2:15 and work until 10:35. As news changes, so do our schedules, so it changes a lot. Holidays can be hard, too. I have worked Christmas 10 years in a row! The news never stops. It's a whacky and crazy business.

Q: Are you having a good summer? Beautiful weather? Bad weather? Are tornadoes loud?
A: Interesting questions. Yes, I am having a good summer. Wish is was 70 degrees, though. As for tornadoes, I have never been in one, thank goodness, so I don't know!?!

Q: Hey Shelly, my wife and I watch you your question is: Do you have aspirations to go NATIONAL ?? You have the right look...don't ya know !!!
A: Yes and no. It's one of those things where I'm torn. Part of me wants to reach for the big time, roll the dice, and see what happens. The other part says stay near family and keep life simple. Honestly, it depends on the day, the which answer I'd give, that's how torn I am about it.

Q: I have been such a fan of your work! You and the rest of the team at WFAA are doing a fantastic job! I know that you mentioned that you do your own hair and make-up, but I wanted to know how you get your hair to be so full. If there's a trick to it, and I hope you won't tell me that you just wake up with that hair, please let me know!
A: Wait for it...I got a 1980's perm. That is my trick. NO I don't wake up with my hair looking like this. My hair is so fine and straight, I had to get a perm to add the body to it. It's the first time I've done it, and it works! My hair is finally holding curl for the first time.

Q: I have 2 questions regarding Pete Delkus. Is Pete Delkus a part-time employee or full time---it seems that he is absent as often as present and thought that he maybe part-time.
 2. Why does he not wear a jacket during the pre weather report and then put on a jacket during the report ?
A: Pete is a full time employee. He may seem to have a lot of vacation, but often, he is at weather conferences and public appearances for the station. There are days were Pete literally stays at the station for 24 hours during severe weather. For most of us that is 3 days of work. So he does get to comp that time later. Trust me, he puts his time in here at WFAA.
 Now for your second question: The answer is I don't know. I will ask him for you. Maybe I'll do that one on air!!

Q: Just wanted to say hello, and let you guys know how much I enjoy watching you. Please tell Dale I LOVE HIM, and hope to meet him soon!
A: Done. I love Dale, too.

Q: No question, just an addition to the comments on Dirk. Jimmy Kimmell referred to Dirk as the Mavericks' German Gentle Giant. I liked that.
A: Me, too.

Q: You wore an orange embroidered top with a blue cami on 6/17 at the 10pm broadcast. Where did you get this? It is simply adorable!
A: It's Trina Turk and I got it years ago on sale in Kansas City. I have gotten a lot of emails about that top, I wish it were still out there to buy!

Q: When is Channel 8 going to make you the 6 and 10 o’clock anchor .?! I love Gloria , but you and John Mccaa would make a great duo. I know you have a new baby, but, then Jane could take your 5 pm slot. :)
A: I think Gloria and John are a rockin' team, and they have so much history together. I enjoy working with John, I'm glad is shows, he represents the true meaning of class act!