Ask Shelly: 'What is a typical day like?'



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Posted on May 2, 2012 at 7:19 PM

Updated Wednesday, May 2 at 7:34 PM

Shelly Slater answers viewer questions each week in our Ask Shelly segment. Viewer questions are unedited.

Q: Why don't you guys do newscasts in different location this summer? Like @ six flags, grapevine mills, north east mall, NRH2O, etc. Would be fun seeing you guys in different locations around the metroplex.

A: I love it. I know we are looking to do some special segments coming up (top secret), but so far, no actual newscasts in different locations. Having said that, we have a new boss, so you may see a lot of new and great ideas coming your way!

Q: Who is your mentor and who do you admire the most at WFAA in terms of your career?

A: This room is full of amazing journalists. I love John for his smooth ability to do breaking news, I’ve really tried to learn a lot from him in that area. David Schechter rocks the reporting beat. He could tell a story about a leaf and making it mesmerizing. And honestly, as much as people like to pick on Dale, there is no more talented writer than he is. The guy truly is gifted in his ability to put his honest thoughts into words.

Q: Journalism is dying, your thoughts?

A: I disagree, it will never die. The industry is changing, yes, but it is not dying. Think back when people said radio would die, because of TV. It’s just that the name of the game is changing. We have to reach out to people using different elements like social networking, and involve people in our newscasts, etc, to stay current. But if journalism died, it would be a terrible thing. We need watchdogs out there, holding people accountable.

Q: Hi this is probably a big question but my son has been begging me to ask and of course I am a bit curious too. What goes on behind the scenes of a television station in order to get the news from the field, back to the newsroom and have it ready for a newscast and then transmitting that newscast from the studio to the transmitter in Cedar Hill?

A: Most of the time we shoot the story, and then come back to the station and put it in our server, which then makes air. But often, if a story is happening, the reporter goes out with the live truck, and will feed it back using the live truck. That’s when the transmitter comes into play. We have several.

Q: Hi Shelly. I have asked this question 3 or 4 times now and not getting an answer. I love watching WFAA but this really upsets me. Here is the question: What advanced math classes (algebra, calculus, etc.) did Pete have to take to become a meteorologist? Please answer me this time.

A: Pete’s math background is in algebra, calculus and trigonometry, too.

Q: I’ve recently wondered this. Every time I hear about water restrictions this and water restrictions that but i never see the water aisles low at the stores so while the residents are put under water restrictions are the bottling companies as well?

A: They have the same restrictions as you do. But no one tells you when you can do laundry or take a bath. So what happens IN the company is up to them. If it is outside,  they, too must abide by the rules.

Q: Hi Shelly! I'm wondering where Pete gets his hair cut what products he uses. Thanks!

A: Pete is funny about his hair. He gets it cut every 3 weeks. He has a spray bottle of water to freshen things up. He goes to the French Quarter Barbershop in Plano. Ask for Keith!

Q: Are you a KC/Missouri girl? I just saw you and your son on the 5:00pm news. It look like you had a Mizzou shirt on and I love the KC chiefs shirt your son had on! I'm a KC girl living in Texas for the last 22yr's. I love it here but KC is home.

A: I LOVE KC! I went to Mizzou, but my husband is from around KC. I worked in Kansas City at WDAF before here, and I absolutely loved it. We go back often to see my husband’s family and to visit my girlfriends.