Mother of Dallas trucker jailed in Mexico fights for son's return




Posted on April 23, 2012 at 10:00 PM

Updated Monday, Apr 23 at 10:19 PM

DALLAS - Aletha Smith cups her hands over her head and deeply sighs.

"It's like a nightmare," she said.

Smith is referring to the arrest of her 27-year-old son, Jabin Bogan, who was taken into custody at a border checkpoint in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, last Tuesday.

Mexican officials say he was trying to smuggle more than a quarter-million rounds of ammunition into the country, but his mother calls it all a horrible mistake.

"My son made a wrong turn into the wrong place, and he had nothing to do with what was on that truck," Smith said.

A week after his arrest, Mexican authorities have yet to charge Bogan with a crime, nor have they indicated when he may be released.

Aletha Smith has had only one conversation with her son since his arrest. He called her last week and said he was scared and didn't know what was going on, the mother told us.

Bogan's employer, Demco Express, gave News 8 work orders that show the ammunition was being transported legally in the United States to a facility in Phoenix, Arizona. They also showed us GPS coordinates that place Bogin's truck in Mexico for just three minutes, or enough time to do a U-turn and come back.

Bogan has a six-year-old son. He has only been driving tractor trailers for three years.

Smith says she is working with U.S. Embassy officials to gain the release of her son. She said she also allowed the Department of Homeland Security to search her son's home over the weekend, saying he has nothing to hide.

"He's coming home," she said. "By the grace of God, he's coming home."