Severe weather blog: North Texas hail



Posted on June 13, 2012 at 9:13 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 26 at 3:53 AM

Thunderstorms that rumbled across North Texas on Wednesday evening produced some of the largest hail we've seen in years. Hundreds of vehicles and homes suffered broken glass and damaged roofs. The icy precipitation damaged the landmark marquee at the Lakewood Theater and shattered skylights at NorthPark Center. No injuries were reported, but the total loss is likely to be considerable.

10:17p Remarkably, there was only minor damage to the delicate glass sculptures in the Dale Chihuly installation at the Dallas Arboretum. Only a couple of pieces in the Persian Pond exhibit were broken, and workers were already busy making repairs as soon as the storm passed.  The Dallas Arboretum said they contacted Dale Chihuly representatives in Seattle and they said this was not the first time for the exhibit to have been damaged.   It had reportedly been through a hail storm and a tornado in other gardens.  - Teresa Woodard reporting in Dallas

10:15p Perhaps the unluckiest motorist in Dallas County Wednesday night was Laura McKinney. Her 2010 Lexus sedan was parked outside at Abrams Road and Gaston Avenue in Dallas when the hail storm hit, and it was left undrivable, with broken glass all around and deep dents in the metal. It's been just two weeks since McKinney got her car out of the body shop for $12,000 in damage it suffered in a hail storm two months ago in Coppell. "It was crazy," she said. "It went on for ever, it seemed like. I'm sure it was probably five to 10 minutes, but it just seemed like forever." - Teresa Woodard reporting in Dallas

10:05p Three intense thunderstorms popped up quickly Wednesday evening, delivering hail as large as hockey pucks along with heavy rain and wind. Near Randolph, 30 miles northeast of McKinney, high wind toppled a metal shed. - Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus

10:01p About 6,000 homes, mostly in East Dallas, have lost power in the wake of the storm. - WFAA

9:39p The historic Lakewood Theater in Dallas was battered by the hail storm that also pummeled cars and homes. "It was like being in a disaster movie," one woman said. The storm didn't appear to be threatening at first, but minutes later it turned dangerous. Motorists ran for cover in homes and businesses. For nearly 30 minutes, neighbors looked on helplessly as the storm pelted everything in sight, damaging roofs, denting cars and breaking glass. No injuries were reported, but insurance adjusters have their work cut out for them. - Monika Diaz reporting in Dallas

9:15p The Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Dallas, Rockwall and Kaufman counties has now been canceled. - Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus

9:07p Storm intensities are coming down; hail sizes have dropped to pocket change near Greenville, the strongest remaining storm in the region. - Meteorologist Steve McCauley

8:52p Dime to golf ball-size hail is observed at Celeste in northern Hunt County, moving south toward Greenville. - Meteorologist Steve McCauley

8:40p We continue to get reports and photos of the hail that has blanketed lawns and damaged vehicles and buildings around North Texas tonight. Some of the hail has been larger than baseballs.Workers are making repairs to skylights that were damaged at NorthPark Center in North Dallas. - Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus

8:31p We have three severe thunderstorms in the area. The Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Dallas and Ellis counties continues through 9:15 p.m. Warnings are also in place for Fannin and Collin counties until 8:45 p.m. A warning for Hunt County is in place until 9:15 p.m. The storm currently in southwest Dallas County has produced golf ball, baseball, and even larger size hail. Hail is covering the ground at Lakewood County Club, as seen from HD Chopper 8.  - Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus

8:03p Hundreds of vehicles have been damaged by hail in the Lakewood neighborhood of Dallas;  some are already being towed away for repairs. Part of the landmark marquee at the historic Lakewood Theater was also shattered in the storm. - Monika Diaz

7:54p A severe thunderstorm warning for Dallas County continues through 8:15 p.m., and another warning has been issued for Collin County through 8:45 p.m. The storm in southeast Dallas County has weakened, but a second thunderstorm is moving due south through southwestern Dallas County at about 25-30 mph. It may produce hail up to golf ball size or perhaps larger. The weather system has interrrupted tonight's game at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington in the next few minutes. The storm in Collin County is northeast of McKinney toward the southeast. - Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus

7:39p The Dallas Arboretum has confirmed that its outdoor exhibition of Dale Chihuly sculptures has been damaged by this evening's powerful hail storm. - WFAA

7:28p Dallas Fire-Rescue says it has had no requests for emergency help related to the twin storms moving through the area. - WFAA

7:21p Twin thunderstorms are continue moving south through Dallas County. The storm on the county's west side is now moving through Irving with lightning, strong winds and large hail. We've received reports of hail pounding NorthPark Center shopping mall in Dallas. - Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus

7:13p A new severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for Dallas County effective through 8:15 p.m.  We've received multiple reports of hail up to the size of baseballs in parts of Dallas County.  A trained spotter at Highway 161 and Shady Grove has observed a rotating wall cloud nearby. That same spotter has also seen ping-pong size hail.  There are twin storms now moving through Dallas County... one on the east side and another on the west side. - Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus

7:08p Irving residents could be getting hail from quarter to golf ball-size as a storm passes through that city. Another storm is moving due souuth through the southeastern quadrant of Dallas County. Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus

6:55p A powerful storm is moving through Dallas County. There is an unconfirmed report of a funnel cloud near Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, although there have been no tornado warnings issued. The system dropped hail up to the size of golf and tennis balls in the White Rock area. At this time, the storm is just east of downtown Dallas, and is moving almost due south. There is rotation aloft. A severe thunderstorm warning continues in effect for Dallas and Tarrant counties through 7:15 p.m. - Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus