Houston-area homeowners frustrated by flooding




Posted on July 14, 2012 at 6:22 PM

Updated Saturday, Jul 14 at 7:54 PM

HOUSTON — Three days of heavy rain in the Houston area turned streets into rivers that required boats to get around.

The flooding forced many residents from their homes.

While was a bit of a break on Saturday, more rain was expected before the weekend is over.

Brad Hensley was just one of the frustrated homeowners. He installed hardwood floors three months ago. "Throughout the whole house," he said. "The whole thing is trashed."

While insurance offers the hope of repairs, this is still not a good day.

"I've got two seven-year-old daughters who are going to have to try to live in this mess," he said. "Likely they'll have to start going back to school when this mess is here. We're both working and we have to try to deal with all this, and it's frustrating."

The frustration rose from Cypress Creek. In Norchester, knee-deep water ruined first floors and furniture inside several homes.

"I saw that it was receding," said Michael Carrico, another flood victim along Jones Road, which remained above water. Some residents will need pictures to prove what many call the worst flood here since tropical storm Alison.

Now people want to know why this happened. "This is the first time I've ever seen it like this," Carrico said.

"This isn't a flooding issue," Hensley added. "What we're encountering is runoff from all these new developments."

Homeowners blame new subdivisions built upstream and an overflowing retention pond.

"They talk about all the improvements they've done to the Cypress Creek watershed, and you can look around and it's worsening things," Hensley said. "They divert the water through the neighborhood and this is what we get."

Homeowners now want to know when power will be restored. Some have generators; other do not. No one has air conditioning.