Wild flash flooding leaves some motorists stuck




Posted on August 19, 2012 at 8:21 PM

Updated Sunday, Aug 19 at 10:22 PM

IRVING — As peaceful and tranquil as Trinity View Park seemed to be on Sunday, Debbie Lockhart said it was a different story 24 hours earlier.

It started raining as she watched her grandson's football game and the parking lot flooded.

"When you find yourself stuck and you can feel your car float, it is reality," Lockhart said with a laugh. "I thought, 'Am I gonna get out?'"

The same flash flood that trapped Lockhart in her stalled Jaguar also stranded drivers in knee-deep water in Fort Worth, dumped inches of rain inside a parking garage at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, and caused the roof at a building in Oak Cliff to collapse.

Lockhart was eventually rescued by the Irving Fire Department, but her waterlogged car — along with several others — remained in the Trinity View Park lot on Sunday.

Lockhart said the firefighter who came to her rescue asked whether she needed anything out of her car.

"'Me!' I said, 'Get me out!' I didn't care about this car; I didn't care about anything in it," she said.

Lockhart is okay, but she fears for the future. She said when it rains, children are at risk. She wants to see signs letting parents know the park is in a flood zone.

"Personally, they need to do something with this park if they are going to have children out here playing," she said. "It don't need to flood like that."

What about improved drainage for the park? Lockhart's son, Corey Washington, said they had little time to drive away.

"I couldn't see nothing; that's why we got stuck", he said. "When we came out it wasn't deep; it was just as soon as we got out here."

Park maintenance crews pointed to a line of leaves that shows where the water crested. To help the fields dry out, all playing fields are closed until Monday.

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