The mystery of the tub that saved four in Forney




Posted on April 4, 2012 at 11:24 PM

Updated Thursday, Apr 5 at 3:23 AM

Diamond Creek subdivision, Forney

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FORNEY — A curfew remains in effect in the Diamond Creek subdivision in Forney.

One day after two tornadoes touched down, cleanup is under way, and a grandmother's remarkable show of strength during the storm seems even more improbable.

Sherry Enochs piled the three children she was babysitting into a bathtub and held on tight Tuesday as her home fell apart around them.

Minutes later, a neighbor heard screams and came running to help. He pulled Enochs and the children to safety, leaving a puzzling mystery.

"There was no tub," said Enochs' daughter, Bobbie Deen. "Did she get sucked out, or did she flip over? We don't know... but the tub is gone."

Enochs was in disbelief when she discovered the tub she took refuge in has not yet been found. She thinks she must have been thrown from it as she protected the children, yet she had no idea.

"Are you kidding? They can't find the tub?" she asked. "I was in it! I was there!"

She was inside that tub with her grandson, Lane Miller, and two other children she was babysitting: Abigail Jones and Conner Perman.

On Wednesday evening, Conner and his parents came back to the Enochs' home. He was searching for a toy dinosaur he lost in the storm.

Like the bathtub, the toy remains missing.