Allen girl donates tooth fairy money to help tornado victims




Posted on April 17, 2012 at 10:29 PM

Updated Wednesday, Apr 18 at 3:48 AM

ALLEN — The card arrived at Arlington City Hall last week.

There was a drawing of a flower and some clouds, and a message: "Maybe this will cheer you up."

The card was written by seven-year-old Cheyenne Jenkins, a Vonn Elementary School student in Allen. She saw the damage caused by the tornado in Arlington and wanted to help the only way she knew how.

"I felt sad for them," she said. "They don't have a house to live in any more."

Cheyenne got out her crayons and markers and started drawing. Then she went to a little purple cup that held her money.

There were four dollar bills inside plus some loose change. Cheyenne lost her two front teeth recently, and the tooth fairy had given her some money.

"I thought maybe that will help them a little paying for their house," she said.

The letter made it to the desk of Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck. "There was four dollars and 98 cents and a bunny rabbit she had made," the mayor said.

He had seen a lot of acts of kindness working with storm victims over the past few weeks, but this stuck out.

"Just the thought of this... from her piggy bank... should make everyone in Arlington feel really good," Cluck said.

The city is sending the money to Mission Arlington, a local charity group.

Cheyenne's parents couldn't be more proud.

"She's always been a thoughtful person," Ashley Jenkins said.

The act of kindness left the seven-year-old with an empty money jar, but it shows you don't need much to show you have a full heart.