West High School football field returning to action



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Posted on August 9, 2013 at 9:51 PM

Updated Friday, Aug 9 at 9:54 PM

WEST –– David Woodard once played on football field at West High School.

"I still remember every game I played on here. I still remember the scores," said Woodard, who this year, became the head coach of the team and the District's Athletic Director.

Now his football field is best known as the place where as many as 200 of the injured were cared for the night the fertilizer blew up, killing 15. The response tore up the turf and left if it covered in medical waste.  On Friday, West ISD said it would complete it's re-sodding of the field.

“It will be a place of healing," said Woodard.

Back in town, Brian Anderson, who works at the nearby Pizza House Restaurant thinks so too. He played for West.  So did his son, who just graduated. 

“It'll be sad. Lots of mixed emotions remembering all the people are aren't there to take part in it," said Anderson.

The surface is grass, at a cost of $250,000 –– far less then the $900,000 originally approved.

The district backed off that number after Congressman Bill Flores said the price tag looked bad at a time when all of the ISD’s campuses need repair and could hurt efforts to get federal aid.  

That’s the past. What’s the future?

“I see progress. I see, I see us moving forward and being to do the things that we as coaches and kids love to do. Just get out there and play football on it," said Woodard who, once player, now coach, says it can’t come soon enough.

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