UT student from North Texas talks about near-death experience


by SHON GABLES and Good Morning America


Posted on May 31, 2012 at 1:24 PM

It's the YouTube video seen around the world.

A University of Texas student from North Texas, participating in a college ritual, survives a jaw-dropping accident where he is violently struck by a passing bus, and then lives to tell all.

In fact, 18-year-old Nick Engmann took his finals days later and passed with flying colors.

"I was able to take all my finals," he said. "All A's and one B."

Nick Engmann who admitted he's glad to be alive, shared his incredible journey with Good Morning America's Robin Roberts on national TV.

Engmann said back in the beginning of May, he and hundreds of other college students lined the streets in Austin for a school tradition called foam sword fights. When the lights turn red, students jump in the street to battle.

But the sole confrontation this time was between Engmann and a passenger bus.

At first, Engmann thought someone had pushed him into the bus, but later realized otherwise.

"Wow", Engmann remembered thinking, "did I just get hit by a bus?"

He could see everyone panicking around him as he recovered on the ground.

Video shot from several different angles, including images inside the moving bus, shows the light was yellow. Yet another image, from a traffic pole on the opposite side, shows the light was red.

Seconds after impact, Engmann got up, walked to a grassy field and plopped down. Amazingly, alive, without a broken bone in his body.

"I got out of the hospital with only a sling," Engmann said.

The student also stressed he's learned the importance of caution.

The driver of the bus was ticketed for running a red light. He has been placed on administrative leave.

Meanwhile, Engmann is expected to fully recover, and is seeing a doctor for his shoulder and neck.

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