Sentencing delayed for Dallas mom who glued tot's hands




Posted on October 8, 2012 at 7:53 AM

Updated Monday, Oct 8 at 7:12 PM

DALLAS -- A Dallas woman who admitted to beating her two-year-old daughter and gluing her hands to a wall faces up to life in prison for the crime, which a doctor testified was "shocking."

Elizabeth Escalona, 23, pleaded guilty July 12 to injury to a child. A judge was expected to set the punishment for the young mother on Monday, but court was recessed until Tuesday.

The district attorney is seeking a 45-year sentence for Escalona, who has four other children.

Escalona's daughter, Joselyn Cedillo, was in a coma for two days after the Sept. 7, 2011, incident. The girl and her siblings have since been taken into state custody.

Police records show the toddler's siblings told investigators their mother kicked the girl in the stomach repeatedly and hit her with various objects before gluing her hands to the wall. She was in a hospital for a week.

Dallas police said Escalona was mad about potty training problems. Witnesses in the punishment phase began testifying Monday morning.

During testimony Dr. Amy Barton, former pediatrician who treated Joselyn Cedillo tearfully said, "this was one of the most shocking cases I've seen."

The prosecution showed photos of the injured girl, showing the "extensive" bruising to Cedillo's body.

The doctor also testified the injuries met her criteria, as a professional, of torture, and she believes Cedillo would have died if she was not taken to the hospital when she was.

Prosecutors said a 45-year sentence would make it impossible for Escalona to ever hurt any child again.

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