Houston teen found dead in hotel room after prom




Posted on May 19, 2014 at 11:50 AM

Updated Monday, May 19 at 5:47 PM

HOUSTON – The Block family, in town for a basketball tournament, stayed at the Hyatt in north Houston Friday night, while the MacArthur prom was well under way.

“It seemed nice. Put me back to when I was in 12th grade. But I hate to hear that. That’s sad,” said Michael Block, in town from San Antonio.

They would never have thought the night would take a tragic turn for 18-year-old Jacqueline Gomez, a MacArthur High School student, whose prom night would be her last.

“She then stayed overnight in the hotel. In the morning hours, the person that was with her found her deceased in her bed. We are not sure at this hour what the cause of death is,” said Det. Mike Miller, with the HPD Homicide Division.

Police said they found alcohol and prescription pain killers in the hotel room. They also told KHOU 11 News that the girl’s boyfriend had called 911. They took him in for questioning, only to shed light on what happened.

“He was there. He knows everything, so we’re just continually wanting to find out what happened and everything,” said Miller. “We have no reason to believe he contributed to her death.”

Kyren Block and his family were staying just a few doors down from some of the MacArthur High School students.

“Like I said you could hear it all the way down the hallway. They were yelling,” said Block.

Others staying at the hotel had no idea what had happened.

“The girls had on beautiful gowns, you know chiffon-looking gowns. They looked really nice. I watched them come in. Yeah that’s very tragic,” said Donald Burton, a hotel guest.

Homicide detectives are still investigating and trying to find out what took the 18-year-old’s life.

KHOU 11 News learned that Gomez worked at the Kroger grocery store just down the street from MacArthur High School. She was just two weeks away from graduation.

“My heart sank, I hoped it really wasn’t her. I didn’t want to believe it,” Bibiana said.

Her close friends Bibiana and Antonio now only have pictures to remember their friend by.

“She was an amazing girl,” Bibiana said.

“She liked helping out everybody,” Antonio added.

For now the MacArthur senior’s friends and family are struggling to cope with her loss. They’re telling KHOU 11 News they want answers. They want to know what exactly happened to her and why.