Dad says cops aren't taking the gun threat against his sons seriously


by Barry Davis


Posted on April 25, 2014 at 11:13 AM

SAN ANTONIO -- Alvin Ferguson says he just wants the police to take his problem a little more seriously than they are. He says his sons were threatened with a gun while they played basketball in the street with some neighbors.

The incident happened Tuesday evening.

According to the boys, they were playing ball when a pick-up truck drove up to them. The boys claim two men inside the vehicle cussed at them. Then, the passenger reportedly pulled a gun out and asked the boys if they had a problem.

The boys ran inside their home and immediately told their father.

Ferguson told KENS 5 he ran out of his home and saw the pick-up truck slowly driving down his street again.

The concerned father immediately jumped in his car and began following the truck.
Once Ferguson wrote down the truck's license-plate number, he called authorities to report the incident.

The police operator, according to Ferguson, asked if he had the license number. Ferguson gave the dispatcher the number as he continued to follow the truck.

Ferguson said he was advised to stop following the suspects and that police officers were on the way. But Ferguson didn't want to stop following until police arrived.

After 10 to 15 minutes of following the truck, Ferguson realized officers weren't coming. So, he dropped back and eventually drove back to his home.

About 30 to 45 minutes later, as Ferguson waited with parents of the other boys who were playing basketball, two squad cars pulled up.

Ferguson said the first officer never even spoke to him. He claims the second officer spoke, but never got out of his car or so much as offered Ferguson an incident report or case number.

A short time later, both cars pulled off. Ferguson said they came back after a while and gave him the report number.

The concerned father then called the east side sub-station, only to put in touch with, what Ferguson described as, "a very rude sergeant."

Ferguson said he demanded to speak with the sergeant's supervisor, but the officer told him there was no one above him and hung up. The next day, Ferguson went to the substation in person.

Once there, Ferguson said he was finally allowed to talk with a detective who told him he would check into things and get back with him. Ferguson explained how he was then told to come back in four days. He would then be able to file a formal report.

When asked, police said they stand by their officers' written report, which states that the boys gave two different versions of the story.

The responding officer's report also said he patrolled the area but could not find the truck, to which he had been given the license-plate number & description.

Ferguson says he will soon file that formal complaint.