TxDOT releases names of top 25 toll jumpers




Posted on October 17, 2013 at 10:44 AM

Updated Thursday, Oct 17 at 11:23 AM

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The Texas Department of Transportation has released the names of the state's top 25 toll jumpers.

The agency best known as TxDOT posted the names up on the Internet Thursday, after setting a deadline for folks to pay up.

The agency said there are $27 million in unpaid tolls from state-owned toll roads. Officials say they've sent notices to 28,000 vehicle owners.

Sixteen offenders have more than $100,000 in unpaid tolls. At the top are Ronny Williams and Cora Lewis of Pflugerville with 14,358 unpaid tolls worth $236,026.32.

The department may also ban vehicles with unpaid tolls from toll roads and impound the vehicle if police stop it. TxDOT can also notify county tax assessors to block vehicle owners from renewing their registrations.

(WFAA.com Editor's Note:  the NTTA controls all toll roads in North Texas and is not part of this list)

Names listed below (Source: TxDOT):


TxDOT Top 25 Toll Jumpers

Owner Co-Owner TX City

Unpaid Toll

Total Amount
of Tolls and
Fees Owed

Ronny Williams Cora Lewis Pflugerville 14,358 $236,026.32
Mandy Dyment Stephen Dyment Hutto 10,566 $217,619.79
Renee Lee Ferguson   Hutto 8,718 $166,506.35
Taniqua Evans   Hutto 7,777 $158,705.16
Theresa Twyefort   Pflugerville 6,280 $149,418.37
Amee J Geren   Round Rock 6,692 $145,341.08
Judy Blundell   Taylor 5,952 $141,755.21
Ashley A Canada   Austin 7,100 $139,344.62
Laura A Gregory   Round Rock 6,111 $132,750.33
Mina Henderson   Hutto 5,193 $124,132.84
Tracey N Smith   Hutto 5,138 $120,472.80
Carmilla Alberts   Pflugerville 4,722 $117,808.00
Roger Brooks   Round Rock 4,462 $111,596.74
David Richard Daly Richard Pflugerville 5,236 $102,787.21
Stephanie A Davis   Pflugerville 4,912 $102,097.02
Yair Vanunu   Austin 4,447 $100,027.61
Durjuana Fresch   Pflugerville 4,137 $96,176.25
Robert Gervais Simon Gervais Round Rock 4,065 $94,983.23
Lisa A Gonzales   Pflugerville 5,118 $94,855.95
Lori Millican   Austin 4,146 $87,732.50
Kathleen Rivera   Leander 3,529 $87,698.39
Mary Castaneda John Castaneda Austin 6,003 $86,979.57
Tony Gutierrez Mary Gutierrez Hutto 3,549 $86,134.98
Nicole Michell Brown   Pflugerville 4,476 $85,886.60
Alex Garcia   Autin 3,604 $82,297.26