Tech Tuesday: Video Streaming services -- Netflix, Hulu Plus or Amazon




Posted on May 21, 2013 at 2:33 PM

Updated Wednesday, May 22 at 1:42 PM

Once upon a time everyone used VHS tapes to view movies at home. Then DVDs took over. That is changing again now that live streaming video services have been introduced as the latest way to watch movies and shows.

With Live streaming, you can watch movies or your favorite TV show on an actual television, computer, tablet or cellphone.

There are a number of video streaming services online. Figuring out the right one for your viewing purposes can be a challenge.

Netflix, Hulu or Hulu Plus and Amazon are the most popular video streaming services.

PRICE: When it comes to price, Amazon is the winner.

  • AMAZON is $6.67 a month.
  • NETFLIX is $7.99 a month. To access Netflix, you can must become a subscriber.
  • HULU PLUS is $7.99 month. Hulu Plus also has Hulu. Hulu allows viewers to access some content without signing up.

RELEASE DATE: If the release date of a video or show is important, then Hulu Plus wins. 

Hulu Plus has the new TV shows available for viewing sooner than other video streaming services. So, if subscribers want TV shows right now with the latest episode, Hulu Plus might be the way to go.

VIDEO ARCHIVE: Netflix has a large movie collection. Reports indicate the service has more than 75,000 movies and shows. So, if you do not have cable or pay channels, Netflix may be the way to go for movie watchers. It is larger than Hulu Plus. Amazon’s library is not there just yet.

ORIGINAL CONTENT: Netflix is the winner when it comes to original content. All pay channels have original shows like “Sex in the City” or “Boss” or “Homeland”. The video streaming services have original content too.

Netflix had one original show and then came “House of Cards”. Add that show to “Arrested Development” and Netflix is at the top for original content. Hulu Plus has “Battleground”, “A Day in the Life” and “Spoilers”.

Bottom line - there are pros and cons to each service. Each offers free trials for a limited time. So, viewers can try it out and then decide what fits. If the service does not fit, then cancel the service that does not fit. Another option, keep all three services for only about $23 a month. The combination is still less expensive than some pay services.