Tech Tuesday: Smart phones instead of paper coupons




Posted on April 27, 2012 at 12:10 PM

So you like coupon clipping and saving money, but if you sometime forget to take the money saving slips of paper to the store, technology will save the day.

Smart phones are making it easier to clip coupons without scissors.

Everyone loves to save money and retailers are going about it the smart way through smart phones. Imagine not having to cut out coupons to save a few or even bigger bucks at some of your favorite stores.

It is possible as more and more stories are putting their coupons on line and some have created apps just for that coupon and even their sales flyers.

Kohls, Joann, and Michaels are just a few of the stories that allow you to simply download the store's app on your android, iPhone or iPad.

There is a huge coupon sign on the apps to tell you where to go.

It’s easy to use. I have stood in line and downloaded a coupon. By the time i get to the register, i have a coupon. The cashier scans it or types in a code.

These are free apps. The stores want you to shop, so they are making it easier and easier for this to happen. It takes just a minute or two to download and less time to go directly to the coupon.

Many stores allow you to use coupon sent to your email.

Bath and Body Works, Macy’s are stores that allow you to use your emailed coupons. You just have to sign up at the store on the web to receive these coupons. At the store, you just open it so the clerk can scan the bar code or type in the code. This works wonderfully.

Target will even text coupons and discounts right to your phone. You can sign up for this on target's web page. Text rates do apply if you don't have a unlimited text plan.

So you can get coupons and discount from store apps, emails and text.