How to get your Facebook page noticed



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Posted on June 7, 2011 at 9:54 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jun 7 at 9:54 PM

Michael Nast considers himself a social media guru who says he can bring on the followers.

I made him an administrator on my Facebook page so he could put what he calls a "widget" into play.

He broadcast my page to thousands of other pages worldwide, using that technology. There is a fee for his service, but Nast has ideas on how to get followers for free, too.

"Make a blog. Whatever you post on your Facebook, post on your blog," he suggested. "Make YouTube videos, ask friends to spread the word. Have a contest on you site. Who can tell the funniest joke? The most 'likes' gets a $20 gift certificate to a steak house."

Nast said the power of social media is key during natural disasters — from hurricanes to tornadoes.

"We use it for disaster relief, to coordinate efforts," he said. "We really like grass roots charities that go where the media doesn't."

He created a Web site — Have Then Give — to get people involved in charities. If you can't give money, he says by "liking" the organization and sharing that link with friends, you're helping in a roundabout way.

I tested Nast's "widget" technology in an experiment live on News 8 at Five. My Facebook page gained almost 300 followers in 26 minutes using the technology. If you would like join in, go to