Tech Tuesday: High tech gift ideas for Mother's Day




Posted on May 1, 2012 at 11:45 AM

Updated Tuesday, May 1 at 12:40 PM

This week’s Tech Tuesday focuses on affordable tech gifts Mother’s Day.
These days you can rarely go wrong with technology. Who doesn’t love a gift, especially one that brings beautiful music to the ears.

It’s not your iPhone, android phone or tablet, but MP3 are just as popular as ever. They are no longer for the young. Small user-friendly devices are designed for everyone.
The iPod shuffle, Clip Zip and the Fuze are devices that are affordable and easy to use, plus they are all light-weight, making it easy to put in your purse or pocket, and go.

Everyone knows the Apple brand. The iPod shuffle is small, compact and is 2 GB in size, meaning it will hold about 350 to 400 songs. It comes in five different colors, with earphones and your USB cable to connect to your computer. This will allow you to listen to your songs in random order or play songs in the order placed on your MP3 player.
The SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip plays music, plus audiobooks, has a voice recorder, FM radio. It’s small like the shuffle, but it has a screen. This was rated as one of the best MP3 players.
The Fuze is the last one. It is also a SanDisk Sansa product with 8 GB of space. It has video playback, radio, voice recording and Mac capability. Now, reviews show the touch pad navigation may be sluggish, but overall it’s a good deal.
Each device is under $100. The iPod shuffle runs $46-$50. The clip zip is about the same.
The Fuze is the most expensive in this group. It starts around $75 in most stores and websites.

For a mom or anyone the products are not too complicated. If the user has a computer, she can probably figure it out with the directions included, which also have picture. You just have to “know” your mom and her comfortably level with this gear.