Dallas woman turns to YouTube for perfect match




Posted on August 5, 2010 at 9:37 PM

Updated Thursday, Aug 5 at 11:23 PM

Lisa Linehan has everything she needs for a wedding.

Everything has been donated; Frisco's Brides of Demetrious is doing the dress; Colleyville's Piazzi at the Village is providing the venue.

Still, preparing for this wedding is no piece of cake, because this bride has no groom.

Linehan, 35, is craving a better half so badly she went on YouTube and shamelessly started campaigning for a husband.

"It just clicked for me that I actually wanted to be married when I was at my friend's wedding earlier this year, and it was a crazy thought — if I plan my wedding a year out, then I will get married," she said.

As it turns out, Linehan's "Project Husband" is an online sensation, receiving more than 2,600 hits on YouTube and landing her dates with 52 prospective husbands.

"I've received love notes, poems, and some say I'm crazy — but it's not the path for everyone, just something I hope works for me," she said.

And she's working really fast; the wedding date is February 15, the anniversary of her grandparents' marriage.

Linehan is honest about wanting a family and commitment from her future mate, but not every suitor is taking this quest seriously.

"There was one guy who e-mailed me a picture of his face really close-up, and he had a gigantic zit right on his chin. I thought, is that really putting your best foot forward? At least Photoshop that out or something," she said with a laugh.

Linehan is so focused, she's narrowed down her wedding dress choices to the top three. And, her maid of honor Zoe has been to every fitting.

But what exactly is Linehan looking for? A man who is "tall, dark, handsome, funny."

And it would be icing on the cake if her hubby is a Christian, and preferably if someone in her circle knows the guy.

Linehan said she doesn't feel as if she's desperate — just a believer in the power of positive thinking. After all, she's got the dress — she just needs the man, and real soon.

You can only cuddle on the couch with your pooch for so long.

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