Uncut: Olympic uniforms result of American-made customers



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Posted on July 13, 2012 at 8:51 PM

Updated Friday, Jul 13 at 9:01 PM

It's been interesting to watch the speed with which the Congress responded when the members heard the U.S. Olympic team's clothes, though designed here, were made in China.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

Oh, I'm not happy about the Ralph Lauren-designed uniforms being cut together in foreign textile factories. The team is representing America, American workers should have stitched them together -- a no-brainer.

However, in no time, members of Congress from both parties, whose battles over the budget have sent us to the brink on more than one occasion, were on the air, complaining, firing off letters, threatening to call hearings... As if they've been busy doing America's business.

One complained about the 600,000 vacant manufacturing jobs in the country, another wants to the uniforms piled up and burned.

It sure would be nice if they paid as much attention to the budget.

The truth is, it's not just the politicians who sent those uniforms and jobs elsewhere, so did the rest of us.

Check the labels on your own shirts and blouse, dresses and pants, your shoes and socks. You'll not often find "Made in America." Most of us never looked to check on it, myself included.

And with the vanishing of those labels, came the disappearance of those 600,000-plus jobs… However, we did manage to save money on our clothing bills, ignoring the real cost.

Our "leaders" in Washington are quick to cast the first stone, and there's no telling what's on the underside of the rocks they're picking up.

If they're like everything else, you'll probably find the words "Made in China."

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