Uncut: A chance for some common ground in religion



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Posted on August 3, 2012 at 8:56 PM

Picture this: a single controversy with the potential of coaxing even the most orthodox Christians, Muslims and Jews to speak with one voice.

We're halfway there. It's this week's  unique "Uncut" commentary.

Last June, German judges acquitted a doctor of causing bodily injury to a four-year-old boy, after complications developed following the child's circumcision, which was in accordance with his the family's religious tradition.

But the court also concluded "the right of parents to raise their children in a religion does not override the right of a child to bodily integrity."

In other words, it called into question the age-old practice of many observant parents to have their boys circumcised at a young age.

No other cases are affected, but many worry it will set a precedent requiring families to hold off on the rite until their sons reach the age of consent.

While scattered voices have expressed support for the ruling, the clergy and faithful worldwide are outraged, calling it an assault on thousands of years of religious tradition.

Wouldn't it be nice to see these spiritual "leaders," who can't seem to agree on much else, come together in support of this one, shared tradition?

They are writing letters, organizing protests, but in many cases they're independent of each other.

What an opportunity for a momentary silencing of the divisive, sometimes deadly rhetoric. And in its place, a single voice, championing tradition.

It would take a miracle to do it, but look at the world... right now a miracle might be just what we need.

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