McCaa Uncut: The real tragedy at Penn State



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Posted on November 11, 2011 at 9:21 PM

Updated Friday, Nov 11 at 10:17 PM

What a tragedy at Penn State... A football program built on honesty and integrity laid low, a legendary coaching career ended in scandal.

That's been the narrative of a lot of reports this week, but it has missed the key problem.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

I watched the news conference announcing the firing of Joe Paterno and the Penn State President. Reporters were outraged that "Joe Pa" wouldn't get to coach the final home game, and was notified of his firing over the phone. Even though a poll of the student body showed support for the coach.

They still didn't get it.

Children were allegedly raped by former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. One of those attacks may have taken place in San Antonio during the Alamo Bowl.  

Look, I love football. But it is not now and never will be more important than the protection of children.

The reporters asked if the Board of Trustees knew that angry students were massing, hinting that things might get out of control, as if bowing to the threat of criminal activity might somehow make everything better.

Yesterday Dale Hansen was right. Pennsylvania taxpayers must have been proud to see a few students at one of their premier learning institutions engaged in bedlam - not because the real victims have had no justice - but because the people who admittedly knew about the attacks, but didn't do enough, were finally being called to account.
That mindset that sports is everything didn't start at Penn State. It's just reached a new level of depravity there.

I love college sports. Love to win. But they are not now and never will be more important than the protection of children and the need for colleges and universities to concentrate on their number one mission: to teach people to think.

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