McCaa Uncut: Neither political party got the hint



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Posted on August 12, 2011 at 7:01 PM

In this week's "Uncut" neither political party got the hint in the debt downgrade message.

It seems neither political party got the hint in the debt downgrade message.

Standard and Poors thinks Democrats and Republicans pay too much attention to extremists on the far right and left.

They're right. They were elected to run the country. They've proven effective at little but running their mouths.

Who gets their attention? the "something for nothing crowd.." You know then, want everybody else to give up something... them nothing. I’m talking about those double talk experts... on the cable news shows.

Days before the debt deal some claimed... don't do anything... just pay the interest on the debt...  as if not fulfilling your financial obligations is honorable thing.

Another called compromise "dirty word" …said it's all or nothing.

The old saying is true: they know about as much about living in a Republic... as a pig knows about Sunday. You don't get all you want. You give a little... try to get as much as you can... meet somewhere in the middle.

Here's a test... next week: you and your spouse... walk into your mortgage holders office, sit down, start arguing with each other about how you're not going to pay back the money you already owe... on terms to which you already agreed. 

Then tell them you want more money... and only at the best terms. See what happens to your credit.

We're spending more than we're bringing in... done it under Democrats and Republicans.

It has to stop.

Can Washington earn praise? Sure. But they need to do three things:

  •  Fforget next year's an election year.
  • Agree on something truly substantive and bi-partisan.
  • For once, stop worrying about who gets the credit.

My thoughts, tell me yours.

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