Uncut: Getting crowded on the fiscal cliff



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Posted on November 30, 2012 at 9:28 PM

Welcome, fellow cliff dwellers!

That is what we are, you know... cliff dwellers.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

Democrat, Republican, independent -- doesn't matter. Right now, you and I are clinging to the national financial cliff; the whole economic mountain slowly but surely turning on its side and threatening to drop all of us into an abyss.

Congress is headed back to Washington. Compromise is in the air. Even the president insists he's willing to listen.

But we've been here before and we're here again because we didn't take care of this the first time around.

Every second between now and the new year, you and I will feel that mountain slip again. Some already say, "let us fall... nothing will really happen." They said the same thing about the debt ceiling, and then, our credit rating was lowered.

The comedian Jackie Mason suggested once you balance the budget by taking politicians off salary and putting them on commission. If the country makes money, they get paid.

That's not a bad idea, especially when you consider they're not helping now anyway.

Imagine your boss giving you a major, major assignment that had to be completed in four weeks. If you failed, you think you'd have the job in week five? Me, neither.

There is only one two-word phrase every a politician fears -- no, not "al-Qaeda" -- "angry constituent."

Really want to climb off the cliff? Then let them know in no uncertain terms. If not, let's just enjoy the new view here on the cliff, hanging here by our thumbs.

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