Reaction to McCaa Uncut: Wylie's Angel




Posted on May 2, 2010 at 6:20 PM

Thank you for your commentary on the 6 p.m. broadcast.  You offered a prophetic perspective about what parenting and love really mean with an excellent comparison in the other family’s story.

I’m in a mighty struggle with myself not to be unfairly judgmental toward the Gerren’s dad.  Quite frankly, I could hardly stomach listening to the Marine father who is finally on the scene so he could “hold his little boy’s hand” while doing that “hardest thing he’s ever done.”  I know I/we only have bits and pieces of the story so far.  But as a father who has lost a child and as a retired military man, I can’t imagine why this guy had not seen his son in three years!  Even if he had spent two tours in Iraq or Afghanistan, he would have had time to visit his boy if he really cared.  Even if the mother had sole custody, he likely could have had a visit or two unless there were a restraining order against him.  Would someone ask him where the hell he’s been?  Did he pay child support?  Did he send birthday cards?  Did he send anything at Christmas?
I’m not interested in hearing anything else from him, especially the sentimental drivel, unless a reporter asks him to “fill in the blanks!”
What the grandmother did is beyond imagination. But I’m sorry she’s the easy target as the negligent family member when the mother (where is she even now?) and the father are the persons primarily responsible for little Gerren’s life and death.
Thank you for your upfront story about the families who take care of terminally ill children
Having a child with severe special needs is not a curse, in our case it has been a long-term blessing.  Have no doubt that over the years we've had many frustration with doctors, schools, agencies and the like. 
However, everyone who has ever met _____... loves _______.  He has had a quality of life due to our persistent love, acceptance and patience.  Our church helps, our family helps and our agencies help.
People who are close to special needs children only benefit by having fuller lives.  Thank you for your story that there are many, many caring folks out there.  Even foster care families, who take on children and adults who have no one.
Yes, we loved your observations on "Choosing Thomas."
-Janet & Mike