Uncut: Declining respect for your laws



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Posted on March 22, 2013 at 7:02 PM

An alarming statistic should get your attention -- if not now, then very soon.

It’s this week's Uncut commentary,

It looks like the man killed Thursday in Wise County after shooting a deputy is linked to the murder of Colorado's top prisons executive Tom Clements.

By one reckoning, his killing makes him the fifth American criminal justice official targeted this year. We have prosecutor Mark Hasse's still unsolved killing in Kaufman County.

But it's worse than that.

How quickly we’ve forgotten Chris Dorner, the L.A. cop killer mad over his alleged mistreatment. In seeking revenge, he killed and wounded officers and their loved ones.

It should matter to you, because when criminals go after officers, deputies, and judges, and their families, the real target is you -- your law, your courts.

I believe in the law; that it should protect all of us. But respect for it will continue to decline unless you and I start to pay attention, and send a message to all who contemplate its violation: you can run, but you can’t hide.

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