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Posted on April 20, 2012 at 6:32 PM

Updated Friday, Apr 20 at 9:39 PM

That Christian school that fired the teacher for being unwed, pregnant certainly was within its right to consider her situation a violation of the school contract... But firing her?

That is this week's Uncut commentary.
As a teacher and coach at a Christian school, Cathy Samford was expected to conduct herself in a manner in full compliance with the teachings of the church and the Bible.

As in most every church I know, sex outside of marriage there is a no-no. She knew that.

Samford and her fiancé planned to get married, but for some reason they ran into some delays.

After her firing, school officials explained having her there while she was unwed and pregnant would send the wrong message to students.

It certainly would have raised some questions.

You have to wonder how the school would have responded had it not been Cathy Samford, but Mary who told them she was pregnant. You know, the unwed Mother of Jesus? Mary, who even more amazingly, would have said the Father of her baby was no earthly being.

Would they have dismissed Joseph, her betrothed, though he would have insisted he hadn't done nothing?

They certainly would be contract violations.

Yes, Cathy Samford violated a fundamental church law, but every Sabbath, seated in every pew and standing in every pulpit, is someone who did something for which they need forgiveness and compassion.

No exception here.

There are rules they must be followed.

I'd like to think there was some better alternative to resolve this and to make it clear to young people the sanctity of marriage than sending a pregnant woman packing.