McCaa Uncut: Avoid the post-storm contractor nightmares



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Posted on April 6, 2012 at 8:38 PM

We survived some tough punches from nature this week.

Despite more than a dozen tornadoes gouging North Texas, nobody died. But, we're not out of the woods yet.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

Thousands of homes and businesses sustained some kind of damage Tuesday. With destruction from Cleburne to Royse City, construction crews are headed here to help rebuild.

Hidden among the legitimate roofers and other workers will be a few scoundrels hoping to get away with slipshod repairs, theft or downright fraud.

It has happened before.   

A disaster strikes, and  home or business owners sign a contract with someone promising quick and complete restoration. The price seems reasonable, if not a bargain, so the work gets underway

And just as quickly, it stops.

The contractor, the repair crews, the repair money paid by the homeowner is then nowhere to be found.

Some cities are putting in place procedures to protect property owners from these "repair wolves" in "workers' clothing."

That's good.

However, you need to take the extra step.

Have you found your contractor? If you have, then with your cell phone, take their picture. As a matter of fact, a couple of pictures - good close ups.

Not only that, a friend suggests to take a good picture of their license plate.

Good contractors won't complain. They know if they do good work, you now have a new way to recommend them to friends.

The scoundrels realize if they take off with your money, you now have new evidence to provide police.

We weathered the storm, we can weather the criminals.

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