New poll shows presidential race a 'dead heat' in Texas

New poll says Texas is a 'purple' state

DALLAS -- A new survey from The Washington Post/SurveyMonkey shows the race for president between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is a dead heat in Texas. But is it really likely that this tried-and-true red state is turning more blue? 

The poll released Tuesday has Clinton leading Trump 46 to 45 percent. More than 5,000 registered voters were polled for the survey last week, but don’t go calling us a swing state just yet. Republican consultant Matt Mackowiak, of the Potomac Strategy Group, says those numbers don’t jive with other recent national polls, including two by CNN, that have Trump ahead of Clinton by one or two points.

"If Trump’s up two nationally, he’s up in Texas, so that one I think is an outlier," Mackowiak said. "It doesn’t make much sense."

He expects Texas to stay red for Trump in a six to 10-point lead over Clinton come Election Day. Mackowiak maintains that Texas is not competitive.

"If Hilary Clinton were up one point in Texas, she would be here," he said. "They’d be spending money here, they’d be up on tv, radio, Spanish language tv and radio and they’re not doing that."

The person from the Clinton camp that was here Tuesday was Anne Holton, wife of her Vice Presidential pick Tim Kaine. She spoke at the MLK Jr. Center in Dallas about Clinton's commitment to funding child and family services.

"Ultimately, She’s a get things done person," said Holton, of Clinton. "And if we can get her elected and get a good majority to support her, I’m optimistic we can move some things."

In another surprise to many, the Dallas Morning News editorial board announced Tuesday it wasn't endorsing Trump. This is the first time in 52 years that the paper has not endorsed the republican nominee for President.

"If you listen to and pay attention to the principles on which the republican party was founded, Donald Trump is no Republican, and in fact, he really is no conservative," said Keven Ann Willey, vice president of the Dallas Morning News and editor of the editorial page.

She called the decision a difficult one for the board, and explained that the it felt Trump’s views on policy were impulsive and isolationist, and that is what shaped it's decision.

Election Day is nine weeks away.

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