Dallas judge, others take issue with racist Obama stickers



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Posted on March 15, 2012 at 7:24 PM

Updated Thursday, Mar 15 at 7:43 PM

DALLAS - It's one thing to use a racial slur under the anonymity of the Internet. It's another to put it on your bumper.

But both are cropping up in North Texas, in material opposing President Obama's re-election. Bumper stickers for sale on the Internet play on Obama's race.

One uses a confederate flag, emblazoned with the phrase "Don't Re-[a shortened version of the 'N-word'] in 2012." Another uses the same phrase and a caricature of the President. A third uses the Obama campaign symbol with the phrase.

"I think they work on some ignorant people," said Dallas Democratic judge Eric Moye. "I think they're calculated to play to the most base fears that people have. And I don't think it's unintentional - it's as coordinated as the use of the SuperPacs."

The Internet trail begins on a Facebook page.

Before it disappeared Thursday afternoon, a "Stumpy's Stickers" Facebook page described a the administrator as living in Old Town, Missouri, from Port Tampa Florida, and said they went to Robinson Senior High School.

Politics are part of the page, which shows a plane painted with "Stop Obama" under its wings.

The Facebook page leads to a StumpysStickers.com, where even more anti-Obama bumper stickers, as well as several others, are for sale. Stumpy's Stickers appears linked to a firm in tiny Camp, Arkansas.

Arkansas corporate records don't show information for the company. It's domain registered to a firm in Bellevue, Washington, which provides the service.

"They use it for recruiting," said Roberta Clark of the Anti-Defamation League in Dallas, describing Internet hate groups. "They use it for fund raising. They appear to use it for both those on this site, and they are successful with it."

News 8 e-mailed "Stumpy's Stickers" Thursday afternoon. That's when the Facebook page disappeared. They did not respond to an e-mail, and do not appear to have a phone number.

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