Some illegal immigrants fighting for change missed the policy's cut




Posted on June 15, 2012 at 11:10 PM

DALLAS - Dozens of young, undocumented immigrants gathered Friday night to celebrate their new beginnings and freedoms.

"It's an amazing feeling that you have inside," Marco Malagon said.

Malagon has been on the front lines of this fight for more than two years. He's the president of the North Texas Dream Team, an organization that supports The DREAM Act, a proposal that if approved, would legalize a number of undocumented immigrants.

But, President Barack Obama's new immigration policy will not bring him relief.

Malagon graduated from McKinney High School and is currently studying business/biology at UT-Dallas. He's 30 years old, but illegally entered the United States from Mexico when he was 17.

He failed to meet the requirements.

"It's not over yet," Malagon said. "We will fight. We will stay until we get what we deserve."

Julietta Garibay, 32, also missed the cut. Her wait continues.

Her parents brought her to Texas when was 12 years old from Mexico City.

"I've been living in Texas for almost 20 years," Garibay said. "I've already aged out."

Garibay graduated from UT-Austin with her bachelors and masters degrees. Both are in nursing.

She's proud of her accomplishments, despite the immigration obstacles.

"Even though it doesn't relieve me, the fact that it relieves many of my brothers and sisters in this fight - it's perfectly okay," Garibay said. "We are just going to keep on fighting. This is just the beginning."

For the past eight years, Garibay has been working with University Leadership Initiative, an organization that promotes higher education for undocumented immigrants.

She told News 8 the president's move re-energized her efforts. It gave her hope.

"I'm going to stay here," Garibay said. "I love this country and I'm going to keep working toward this.

"Someday, we will be able to say we are U.S. citizens," she continued. "Someday."