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Valinda Hathcox
District 4 - Democrat

My roots in this district go back generations. My mother’s family settled in Collin County in the 1800s. My parents settled in Wood and Hopkins Counties. I was born, educated, have lived and worked in the Texas 4th District all my life (except when in Law School in Austin or working for the people of Texas in as Deputy Attorney General and Director of Public Affairs, at the Texas Land Commission, or as Director of Legislative Affairs for the State Bar of Texas and for the Texas Association of Counties.

For me, my family and most of my neighbors, Texas is more than just a state or an address -- it is part of us and we are intrinsically tied to it through more than just the land or where we work.

I am running for U.S. Congress because I believe together we can make the changes which are necessary to restore control of our government to the American people, to improve our economy and to provide opportunities and security for the people of Texas. I will work to ensure Texans of all races, genders, and socio-economic situations opportunity to work, earn and enjoy the fruits of their efforts.

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